Dimensions: 4" diameter pot

Potted inside plastic planter


The Swiss Cheese is a flowering plant native of tropical forests in southern Mexico and South America. The origin of its name is due to the heart-shaped leaves, and as the plant ages, it develops holes that makes it resemble swiss cheese. 


Where and how to use: This plant has many positive effects such as, luck of money and health, purification and clean energy. Thus you should expect different results depending upon where you place it. If you want to release good energy into your house, you can place the plant by the entrance, and if you want to release the energy of luck within the family, place in the living room or the bathroom, those places in a house tend to build up bad energy. This will help to purify the bad energy within those rooms. Placing the plant within the bedroom will help you to recharge your energy and heal fatigue. Improve money and health by placing close to kitchen appliances.


Care Instructions: Keep the plant out of direct sunlight, with temperatures between 65-80F and average humidity.  Water moderately, re-pot every two years during spring and also fertilize once a month.

Swiss Cheese Plant (Philodendron)