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Details: The Monstera adansonii is a tropical plant that grows aerial roots that can potentially reach the ground, cascading as vines. The Swiss cheese vine plant prefers full sun and tolerates partial shade. It requires moist, well-drained soil and grows best in warm conditions and high humidity.


Plant Care:


Light: Bright indirect to medium

Watering: Water every 1–2 weeks

Pet Parents: Potentially toxic for pets


Plant Bio: The Monstera adonsonii is an ornamental plant native to tropical forests in southern Mexico and South America. The origin of its name is due to the heart-shaped leaves, and as the plant ages, it develops holes that make it resemble swiss cheese. These holes exist so the sun could reach the lower leaves as the plant climbs the larger trees around. In its native environment, M. adonsonii flowers and produces an edible fruit that tastes similar to pineapple. 

Swiss Cheese Vine Plant (Monstera adansonii)

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