Landscaping Design

Before the Europeans arrived and settled the land to shape and form it to be the urban civilization it is today, what we call our home was a part of the natural environment with trees, shrubs and flowers. 

With the development of our modern civilization these plants were substituted by plants from all over the world either for the way they look or for what they could provide for us.

To maintain these plants out of their natural habitat, they require a lot of pesticides, often great amounts of water and many of them don’t tolerate the seasonal changes very well. They use all of the soil's nutrients and give nothing back and often because of their shallow roots, they promote soil compaction destroying all life underneath.

Regenerative Landscaping are landscapes that will restore, renew and revitalize the area where it is installed, by increasing soil health as they mature, strengthening the entire system.

It focuses on the landscape as being a part not only of a residence, which should be designed to be stunning for those who own the land, but also as part of the ecosystem and contribute to the health of the overall environment.

More Than Gardens is committed to regenerative practices by designing beautiful landscapes with at least 50% of Native plants and pledging to use exclusively organic products that will cause no harm to you, to your family or the environment.

You don’t have to compromise in beauty because regenerative landscapes includes ornamental species and the design can be as wild or formal as you wish. We did the science and we can give you the best of both worlds.

We believe that people and the planet should come first, and that both human's and nature's well-being should be prioritized.

More Than Gardens is being the change we want to see in this world and together we will build a better future with better and healthier landscapes working with the beauty of nature.

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