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Organic Lawn Care

“One size does not fit all”

More Than Gardens' Organic Lawn Care System is catered specifically for your yard and lawn.


We do not use a “one size fits all” approach and make sure we are there with you during every step of the process.    

Exclusively Organic

We are one of the only Organic Lawn Care companies with the certification stamp from the National Organic Farm and Land Care Association. We went the extra mile to get certified so you can rest assured that you, your kids and your pets can use your lawn and garden area with peace of mind.


Look for the organic seal! We are here for you!

Informed Decisions by Soil Testing

All begins with a soil test with microbiota, micronutrients and physical conditions analysis so we know exactly what needs to be done.


Then we make a care plan calendar to address the issues if any and whatever needs to be done to keep the lawn in good shape. 

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Safe For You, Your Family & The Environment

We use exclusively organic products and procedures in order to keep your lawn, your family and the environment healthy and happy. No pesticides or chemicals to make sure that you can enjoy your backyard without any worry!

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