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Details: The spider plant is one of the easiest house plants to grow. It gets its name from the spider like pups that hang down connected to the mother plant, because of that it looks very nice in a hanging basket or a wall planter. Deep water it and allow it to dry out completely before next watering. 


Plant Care:


Light: Bright indirect

Watering: Water every 2-3 weeks

Pet Parents: Toxic for pets


Plant Bio: From the family Asparagaceae the spider plant is native to the subtropical Africa and it was naturalized in Australia and Asia. In the summer produces small efflorescences that hang from stolons, which will then become the young spider plants. It needs well drained soil and high humidity. Its leaves are easily harmed by fluoride and salts from tap water so use filtered water preferably. 

Spider Plant (Cholophytum comusum)

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