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Specialty Gardens

If you dream of having a garden but have no clue of where to start, give us a call today and together we will bring your garden to life. We offer gardening orientation in levels basic, intermediary and advanced for a very friendly price!



We also offer free garden support, all you have to do is email or call: 

Browse our selection of Specialty Garden Varieties below to see the one you are interested in the most:

Herb Gardens

Would you love to have an herb garden that would give you the most delicious spices for your kitchen or apothecary? What if it was grown in the best place of the world?


Your own home! 100% organic and harm free herbs for the most amazing recipes you can dream of, you can have it today!


Just give us a call and let’s make it come true!

Edible Gardens

Your yard can be more than just beautiful. More than Gardens can bring you the satisfaction of your own home grown fruits and veggies and all the health benefits that comes with it.


We will build the perfect raised beds to look beautiful in your landscape or grow it directly in the ground with an amazing design made by experienced professionals, dream of it and we will make it come true.

Butterfly Gardens

Want to do a good deed for the planet and gain some points with Mother Nature? Let’s grow a butterfly garden.


With flowers that attract all variety of pollinators you will be providing shelter and food for the most important animals of the world.


Besides, if you have an edible garden you can use the help of these pollinators to move pollen around and fertilize the flowers that will then make your fruits and vegetables.

Medicinal Gardens

Plants have been used to improve our health and even to cure some diseases for thousands of years. More Than Gardens will grow a garden with all organic medicinal herbs of your choice.


Heal yourself the natural way.*(medicinal herbs are no FDA approved and are not substitutes for medicinal drugs prescribed by your doctor)

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