Spring breeze

March 20, 2019




After a long (and some would say mild, but I won’t) winter, Spring is finally here! We survived!!! It’s time to shake off the dust, sweep up the leaves the start to shake our gardens - and souls - awake!


Some of us have already started seeds indoors and some others are still in planning mode. Wherever stage you are it’s time to prepare for action!

Soon it will be warm enough to plant outside and the buds are already peeping out. 


It’s a wonderful time of the year. I almost explode with the expectation. I am so happy some of the crocus have already bloomed!

Soon birds will be nesting and we will get babies everywhere! How lovely! 



More Than Gardens already has so much going on! We have been preparing for a great year ahead and we are hopeful it will be very fruitful!

Our team is growing and we are expanding our services.Besides the organic landscape design, we are doing interior design with plants and soon we will be opening an online store. Yay!!! 



We are so close to one of the best nurseries in the country so we might as well share their beauties with you guys.

We will also be expanding the blog topics and expanding our collaborators. We will talk about gardening of course, but also sustainability, natural products, DIYs, recipes and other relevant points that will come across our green journey and we would like to share with you. 



More Than Gardens’ goal is to bring together people and Nature in every bit of our lives. We must remember that we are a art of Nature too and the gardens are where we all gain nourishment.

Let’s together make this Spring the best yet! Let’s get dirty to clean our planet! Let’s heal ourselves! Together we are the future! We are the change we seek in the world! 




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