A woman's place

Hello everyone. Agatha here! We are back on track with awesome things cooking for 2019. I decided to write the first post of 2019 on this international woman’s day to Celebrate our strength and perseverance because even though gardens are very accepting places, the landscaping industry is greatly dominated by man.

I’ve heard many times while at work: “What is she doing here? This is no job for a woman.” Just to watch with satisfaction, their faces in shock when they see me keeping up with any other man around or even outperforming some. I had man refusing to work for me just for the fact that I was a woman. I had man calling me names because they believed I shouldn’t be where I am. It’s the same old story that us ladies are - unfortunately - used to. When I’m in the garden, however, it accepts me. It accepts my sweat and it appreciates the calluses my hands. It takes my care and it gives me flowers, food, medicine, butterflies, birds and fresh air.

For that I know, no matter what they say: The garden is my place to be. Before I started More Than Gardens I worked for a landscaping company owned by a woman, one of the few in Long Island. I believe that as a woman, she knew what I could do and gave me the chance many others wouldn’t. She knew that I’m not weaker than any man and that I too could be an great asset for her company and for her gardens. She has always encouraged me and taught me what she knew, with none of that women competition nonsense. When finally my dream of opening an organic landscaping design company became possible she was happy for me.

I was raised by a single mother who is the strongest woman I know and she have always encouraged me to reach for the stars! My business partner Livia is incredibly smart and intelligent and together we push More Than Gardens to grow beyond our imagination. This is a project inspired by woman to create a world that’s fair and inclusive for all!

For those ladies who came before us today we raise ourselves and we stand by each other. We we will be forever grateful for you who dared to move forward and to stay even when we were invited to leave. Like dandelions, they called us weeds and tried to remove us, but they don’t know that our roots are deep and we regenerate again and again and again. Like dandelions we are food, medicine and we carry hundreds of seeds of wishes in the wind. For a woman’s place is wherever she wants to be!

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