The Witch's Garden

Halloween is here and it’s time to get a little spooky! Decorations are up, everything tastes like pumpkin and I am going to talk about my witchy garden!

The witch's garden is a garden with “magic” properties. Yes, magic! Even with my background in Science I didn't surrender to skepticism and I like to consider myself a believer. I actually see magic in everything and I guarantee you my garden is a magical place.

Some would say that the healing properties of plants for example is extraordinary. In fact it is a powerful thing and there are records of it being used since the first civilizations.

Mint is known to sooth your stomach and so does Chamomile, which also helps with anxiety and insomnia. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and lavender is an anti-depressant. Garlic boosts your immune system and reduces your blood pressure; dandelion is a natural diuretic and cayenne pepper relieves congestion.

These are just a few examples of plants with healing attributes but there are thousands and thousands of plants with medicinal properties and this number is continuously growing as scientific research increases.

However, there is another plant property which is not confirmed by science. In most religions and cults around the world plants are believed to “attract” specific energies and connect you with the mysteries of the universe.

When I was young I used to go to the church with my mother and I loved the smell of the myrrh the priests burned as an incense by the altar. Later I found out that myrrh is known to connect you with the divine and purify against negative energies.

The knowledge of using plants for rituals was passed from generation to generation and many people still use it as a little push for things to go their way. Have you ever bought a pack of white sage to burn and clean the energies of your home? Well, that’s what I’m talking about.

The witch garden is where you’ll grow your own ritual herbs. I believe it has a whole new (and maybe stronger) meaning when you plant the herbs yourself, specially because you’ll make sure that there’s no poison involved in the process, because you will only use organic fertilizers and natural pest control. Here’s a few of my favorite plants with "Magical" properties: Roses, which are known to attract love and healing of the heart; Aloe to bring luck and basil which attracts wealth, just as clover and jasmine. Holly and Sage are used for protection and purification. Dandelions are used for divination. Lillies are used for healing and lavender for peace and happiness. Chives gives you courage and Fennel might get you on a far away trip.

These magical uses of plants have no guarantee of efficacy but for us believers they can be seen as a boost for our wish making. In other words the magic depends of you. Warm your heart and give it a try. You might be up for extraordinary shenanigans.

There are several books and articles on the internet where you can find (anything really) a lot of information on magical properties of plants. Again, since there's no scientific evidence of it, take everything you read with a grain of salt, will you? Use and do only what feels right to you and NEVER ingest anything before making sure it's not toxic for you!

When planning your witch garden choose the right spot for each plant, feed them with organic compost and care well for them as they grow. Remember a lot of these plants spread so give them enough space.

When planting your magic plants focus your energy into the seed or seedling and set your intentions for the garden and for yourself, if you are making a garden for someone else send wishes of happiness and prosperity for those who will enjoy the garden. That’s my favorite part and I actually do that for every garden I make. This intention setting and garden blessing are great to reinforce your bonds with your garden.

You can use a stone or a wood board, a chair or in my case, a swing as your appreciation spot. You can use it to enjoy our garden and meditate. Surround this space with things that will make your energy vibrate in high frequencies such as water from a fountain or pond; crystals; torches, or anything else that makes you feel good and connected with mother Earth.

More Than Gardens would love to help you with your witch garden. Give us a call and we could start planning it today and you'll have a magical place in Nature in your own home.

In the middle ages woman who had a deep relationship with Nature and their elements were considered dangerous creatures and many were even killed in fire for that. I guess they didn't burn us all! Happy Halloween!

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