Plastic Compost???

As I told you guys before, my husband Matthew and I have recently moved to a new place. while we love the new place, unfortunately we moved in June, which messed up my spring planting. I had still time to prepare a fall garden so I got right to it!

Of course the first thing I did was to drawn plans and establish the garden beds and the raised bed location. Then we actually built the raised beds and we were happy with it. My raised bed mix is basically one part compost and one part coconut fiber. I built three 4x4 beds so I figured I needed 1 yard of compost and off I went to the nursery to buy it.

Now, I know the nursery, I always buy mulch and topsoil from them, but I confess it was the first time I was buying “organic” compost from them, so no, I didn’t check. When I got home and Matthew came to help me unload we realized it: the compost was filled with tiny pieces of plastic.

I was horrified. I tried to pick the pieces and maybe get to use the compost but it was inpoasible. It was just too much in it. Thousands of pieces of shredded plastic bags all over my compost.

I could not use it. I though about returning it, but what good would that do? I did talked to the guy on the nursery afterwards and he said it’s not the first time he has to complain to his supplier about this. Regardless, I don't think i'll buy compost without checking for plastic ever again! I dumped it in the back of my property because what else should I do? I just didn’t want any animal to choke on it so I kept as close as possible, and hopefully it'll be ok.

I’ve been deeply concerned with the amount of plastic we are putting into the environment by not recycling it enough ever since I heard only x% of all plastic produced is actually recycled. But now!!! Now of hitting home my friends! I’ve been attempting to reduce drastically the amount of plastic we’ve been using at home and after this scary experience I definitely will double the nagging on it. Refusing plastic bags at the supermarket, shopping in a bulk or zero waste store when possible, using biodegradable alternatives, refusing single use plastic and pressuring your favorite brands to quit plastic is a good way to start.

I was terrified of picturing my garden growing among all that disgusting plastic, but in the way things are going if we don’t watch out we soon we’ll be sleeping, eating and living in plastic trash!

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