Crossroads Farm visit

 In my years of exchange student I had the pleasure of babysitting this wonderful little boy named Oliver, who lived in Lynbrook.

Everyday on my way to his house I would drive by this beautiful urban farm in Malverne. The Crossroads Farm .

 I actually babysat Oliver for a long time and today we are family friends, with him actually being the ring barer of my wedding.

Recently his mom asked me if I could babysit him for the day and I thought that was a great idea since I could spend time with Oliver AND have an excuse to visit the farm at best time of the year - Summer!!!

These pictures are all from this great day we had!!!

My first time visiting the farm was actually with Oliver. In search of something fun to do early spring, I brought him there for some fun. It was such a beautiful place that I actually decided to volunteer for them and get to know their story better.

The farm was actually a Landmark of Long Island Agriculture Tradition. It was owned for over 100 years by the Grossmann family and when it was put for sale, the city voted for the court to buy it and preserve it.

That was a wonderful WIN for everybody: the town, the community and the environment. Everyone claps for the Town of Malverne, please! Hooraay!!!!

The staff is composed of just a couple of full time employees, a few seasonal workers and lots of volunteers. Together they do a fantastic job in running the farm. They offer potlucks, workshops, school visits, bee keeping, farmer market, fairs and many other great events.

They are do a important job of conservation of our pollinators by planting a lot of flowers and holding bee hives in their grounds. 

Besides all of that, the farm is certified organic and works on soil regeneration and bases its principles of sustainability and community strengthening.

Crossroads farms has a lot of its area destined to community gardens, school gardens, for Permaculture experimental gardens, even with a giant herb spiral! It also has gardens for direct sale to local restaurants, which helps to maintain the grounds.

Wonderful thing, isn't it? Another WIN for multiple parts: for the farm, for the restaurant, for the customers, for the environment! YAY!

Besides the "restaurant gardens" the farm also holds a farmer's market where they sell their own produce and many other nice local products from farmers in Long Island.

They have great things there from jams and their own eggs to wood toys and a giant beaver/squirrel which I wanted to bring home! Unrelated, Oliver is the cutest!

It’s a beautiful place for a day visit and I totally recommend you to do so with your family and friends.

If you could volunteer and get to know the Crossroads Farm better and learn more about nature and land preservation aligned with great agriculture techniques.

I will keep promoting wonderful places like the Crossroads Farms in Malverne. I believe that we must encourage and support projects like this so our neighborhood remains greener and healthier. Let me know if there’s a place I must visit or that you would like to have here on the blog! I’d love to hear from you!

#communitygardens #urbanfarm

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