Cold Spring Feelings

Ok. What’s happening? Spring’s going nuts! I am sorry I don’t mean t complain but sooooo cold! It’s killing me!

The work must go on, though. The landscape design company that I work for is outdoors since the beginning of the month and we are at full power. I mean, except for the days that snowed. In. April!!!!!!

We had two warm days so far, which was Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13t – and they were super warm, almost 80 degrees.

 But then again, I went to see the Magnolias in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden the very next day, the 14th, hoping I would crack that dress out of the closet, NO! It was 36 degrees outside! Freezing my buds!!!

Nevertheless, I wore pants and it was a beautiful day. The Magnolias were a gift to the soul. I’ll leave you with a few pictures to warm up your heart, it definitely warmed mine.

Because of this crazy weather fluctuations, I haven’t transplanted my seedlings outside yet. I will do it this week, before I leave for my vocation in Brazil, on Thursday.

I have only started cold resistant crops so far, such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce, so I believe they will be ok outside. BBG’s lettuce were out and they looked great.

I haven’t started tomatoes, peppers and other warm weather crops yet because EVERY time I travel my seedlings die. So, because they wouldn’t be able to be transplanted outside yet and be cared by the sprinkler and nature itself, it would be just a waste.

I cannot rely on other people to care for them, unfortunately. I can barely rely on myself and every once in a while, I let one or two (or three) die under my own care! Those plant babies require close care, you know? So, it’s fine, I’ll start some seeds later and buy some seedlings later on.  

The trip to Brazil will be awesome. I am super excited about it. My mom asked me to make her a garden, so I that’s going to be wonderful. Not to mention seeing all my family, friends and all mah people.

I will keep pictures coming on our Instagram @morethangardens and hopefully I will have some time to write a blog post while I’m there, otherwise I’ll do it when I come back. 

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Get growing and let’s hope together for warmer days ahead of us.

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