My new growing lamp

March 13, 2018

A couple of blog posts ago I talked about starting seeds indoors and the pros and cons of it. I confessed it was a pain in the neck but in my opinion it’s still very worthy. If you missed it check it out here

But now the game has changed my friends!!!!



I needed to get something in the store with my friend Tayla when she pointed at this wonderful little growing light. I was ecstatic!


It’s perfectly small so my growing tray fits perfectly underneath it.


I could actually find a place for it in my tiny cluttered house very easily! Awesome!


The set up was super simple and Tayla wanted to do it so I let her. Just make sure to take the two pieces of Styrofoam attached to the actual lamp off of it, because WE didn't and that could have been a problem. Luckily I catch it on fire - I mean - I catch it in in time. ( lol )


Look at her putting it together all tinkerly! 


We took a picture of the directions so you could check it out! The picture is not great but it gives an idea of how simple it is. 



The price was a little on the high size, $39,00, but it’s mostly the genius idea that you are paying for, since the product is not complex or expensively made at all. Actually, the design is so perfectly simple that anyone could replicate it at home for less than a third  of the price - honestly! You just have to have the know how to do it. I don't - yet. 


Anyhow, I love it! My seeds are already beginning to sprout and I am very confident that my seedling survival rate (SSR [totally real term that I created]) will be higher this year. 


While the weather outside doesn’t know what to do, inside they will grow nice and strong seedlings that HOPEFULLY be transferred to the “L bed” ASAP. 


I didn’t receive any money to talk this product, of course. I’ll let you guys know fo’sure the real deal as it performs.  


But look at these babies already!!! That's just a few weeks into the process. And BTW I totally screwed up by leaving the plants too far from the light. They should be 3 inches from it otherwise they get leggy like in the picture you see. I put something underneath to raise the tray to see if that helps. They are beautiful regardless!




If you have one of those growing lights, or know someone who has it let me know what you think. let's give some real reviews here! And if you have a similar product that you would like to recommend I would like to hear it too! 


It's always good to hear from you guys! Let me know how your seed starting is going and if there's anything I could do for you! Grow brighter now! 

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