Let's Grow in Green

Hello friends! Today I’m writing about a subject that is really close to my heart and it’s actually the foundation of my principles, my real reason to garden. Environmental care!

Of course that my love for plants and food is what put me into gardening but the reason I started all of it was my profound concern for the Environment

I have been trying to introduce the “reasons to be green” subject but every time I've tried to write it sounded very alarmist and I don’t want to feel like I am announcing the end of times (even though very often we might feel like it is).

At the same time I don’t want to go light on this subject either because our survival literally depends on Nature’s health and balance so without it there’s no garden for us to enjoy. In fact there’s no “us” at all! 

So there’s no better day to introduce the matter as this week, because Wednesday June 5 was #worldenvironmentday and today June 8 is #worldoceansday!!! 

I want you guys to know that More Than Gardens will also advocate for better living practices, to work towards more sustainable and cleaner living habits, which will lead to a healthier planet.

I could go on and on about the reasons we should make changes to our lifestyle. Climate change, loss of species diversity, pollution, diseases of the body and the mind, just to name a few. 

You know that the path we’ve been tracing is pushing us further and further away from what we were meant to be: Healthy and balanced as a species and as a global community. None of us have to look very far to see proof of what I’m saying. 

See, I’m already sounding alarmist! Because I am alarmed!!! Look at this shot I took when arriving in Brazil - the layer of pollution in the horizon makes my head (and lungs) ache! 

Thankfully I bring good news too! Thousands of people are realizing their personal power and that by changing their old habits and making better choices, they can impact the world positively and perhaps change the ominous route we are tracing as human kind. Our community grows strong everyday! And that’s where I find hope! On us!

My niece says she'll be a gardener one day!

Hey, I want to make clear that I am far (very far) from being a “green all the way” person or even being considered as guide right now. I don’t do it all right and I struggle ditching some of my own not-so-green habits. But I have a will and I praise my baby steps because they are the beginning of my green path, so don’t think I am asking you to change your whole life one day to the other, that’s impossible!

What I want is to invite you to try some small changes and you will see that you will benefit yourself as you benefit the environment. You will be healthier, more knowledgeable, and you can get to know amazing people on the same journey too! I know I did!

I will share with you my own baby steps and I encourage you to share yours with us!

For example, it’s well known that eating meat is really bad for the environment since it produces a huge amount of harmful gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere, it also contributes to deforestation, water pollution and I'm not even going to talk about the cruel practices of slaughter houses out there because that will take a whole post itself. So anyway, in 2016 I decided to reduce the amount of meat I eat. I started by following the campaign #MeatlessMondays and that made me feel good. That was a baby step

A good thing about baby steps is that they make you feel like the process is not so hard, so you can take the next step. And I did! In 2017 I ate meat only a few times a week and for this year I am pledging to stop it almost completely! It’s June already and I have been doing great so far. 

It gets easier every day and I don’t beat myself up if I slip. I’ll will do my best today and aim to do better tomorrow! As long as I keep it in my heart that whatever I'm doing is for a reason bigger than myself, I feel empowered and motivated to go on. 

There’s plenty of other decisions we can take to improve the world around us and they are simple to do. 

Growing a garden is a wonderful step because it benefits you and the environment directly! I talked more about that on the post “Why you too should have a garden” and I will definitely talk more about that in the future.