Get Gardening! - and The First Post

Hello! This is the very first post and I am feeling crazy excited! I hope you guys enjoy the website and this blog. We will learn and grow together along this new green adventure!

Come along!!!

I realized I needed to start writing a blog because many of my friends have been asking for tips and directions about gardening, which is my passion and now my amazing career; so what better way to reach everyone than the internet?

This blog will be the documentation of my experiences, discoveries, attempts and research. But I am a biologist and a gardener, not necessarily a writer, and even though I write a lot, my personal and daily writing looks like this.

Actual page of my gardening journal

I was told it's not exactly clear and easy to understand for everyone, so I ask you to enter with love, for I am a beginner to "professional" writing. Besides, English is my second language (and it's a darn hard language) so BEWARE of the grammar murderer! I promise to do by best to improve my writing as I go.

More than reaching out to friends and answering garden related questions, I aim to spread the idea that a garden can be for everyone! If you want to have a garden and use of its benefits there's nothing (really) stopping you. Even space and lighting deficiencies can be conquered. There's a lot of information, ideas and inspirations out there that can help you see beyond the limitations you might encounter in your way.

Get creative and use whatever is available for your gardening attempts

Free of limitation also goes for those "same old same old" Landscaping Designs. I live and work in Long Island, NY where there's a huge amount of landscaping design companies. Some of these companies are very good and offer some great and creative design combined with actual Botanic knowledge. However, the vast majority of designers out there use of the same few selection of plants and designs, and what's worse, many of them (and specially their crew) have no idea of what they are doing when its regarding to plant care. Believe me, I see it everyday!

Fortunately there's a new tendency that's been growing fast in the past years! It's a wonderful, beautiful, useful, delicious AND environmentally regenerative tendency - The Functional Landscapes. Whole landscape design plans that were created using plants and other garden elements with a purpose, backed up by the combination of Design and Science!

This purpose can vary according with preference of the garden's owner but some examples can be gardens designed for food production, for growing medicinal plants, herb gardens, animal friendly gardens, thematic gardens, regenerative gardens and even gardens for landscape acclimatization.

Your garden can use many purposes including being animal friendly

These gardens break the limitations of the ordinary and provide for the ones around it in multiple ways, from restoring the micro-nutrients in the soil to connecting whole neighborhoods in food swap. I will definitely discuss more about the potential benefits of having a garden in the future, there's just so much to it.

When you decide you want to use of the benefits of gardening, planning accordingly to your environment conditions is all you have to do. Use the elements you have available to create a garden with character. But don't limit yourself. For example, if you want a herb garden but there's absolutely no direct light in your apartment maybe you should consider adding artificial lighting to the space. Or maybe the soil in your backyard isn't fertile enough? Let's emend it or maybe use of some planters? The goal is for you to see that there's no limits as long as there's creativity and willingness.

Thank you so much for baring with me in the first step for this amazing new project. I would love your company along the way and comments, contributions, suggestions, constructive criticisms are very well welcomed. Let's join together in this journey that leads to a better world, a greater sense of community and lots of produce - just by changing the way we garden!!!

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