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Details: The Monstera deliciosa is another instagram favorite due its large leaves that are naturally splitted and perforated, hence the name Swiss cheese plant. It likes light soil so it would benefit from an extra amount of coconut fiber in your soil mix. It likes high humidity and it tolerates medium light.


Plant Care:


Light: Bright indirect

Watering: Water every 1-2 weeks

Pet Parents: Toxic for pets


Plant Bio: The Monstera deliciosa is from the family Araceae and it’s native to Central America but today spreads vastly and aggressively across the globe. In its natural habitat it produces a large sweet fruit; although it is very unlikely that it will bloom and produce fruit indoors. The Swiss cheese plant is large and gives a wonderful show whenever it is so make sure you have room otherwise you can learn how to prune your plant in this link. 

Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

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