Dimensions: 4" diameter pot

Potted inside plastic planter


The Snake Plant originates on the tropical area in West Africa from East Nigeria all the way to Congo. It is perennial evergreen and it is used in many countries as a house plant. Its  growth is comparatively slow to other house plants, they are also know for their longevity. 


Where and how to use: The Snake plant is very popular and used in many cultures as a talisman to fight against the evil eye, because it has the capability to combat against negative energy and evil spirits. They worked as shield of protection in your home or office. The best places to add this plant is near your front door, or near the toilet tank to counter the drain-down vibrations. 

The Snake plant also work as an air purifier by removing air pollutants, since they are capable of converting carbon dioxide  into oxygen at night, in addition they fight against, benzene, formaldehyde and xylene types of pollutant. 


Care Instructions: If possible keep in direct sunlight and water 1-2 times a week, letting it dry out in between waterings. They tolerate a wild range of temperature, and humidity, and if you are keeping your plant indoors you should not worry too much. Does not need to be fertilized, or transplanted.


Warnings:  The Snake Plant is considered to be mildly toxic if consumed. Be careful with your pets and kids. 

Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata)