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A bright green variant of the pothos plant, the Neon pothos is another excellent house plant for beginners because it tolerates droughts and low light. Its leaves put up a beautiful show in any room it’s in and they look especially great from hanging baskets. Keep soil moist  but not damp. 


Plant Care:


Light: medium - low

Watering: Water every 1-2 weeks

Pet Parents: Toxic for pets


Plant Bio: Pothos are from the Araceae family and are native to the Solomon Islands. Their natural habitats are forests so their ideal environment is humid and warm. Their vines hang from the trees and in the forest it can reach 20 feet long. The Neon can get pretty long in your space as well, but trimming it is really simple and they propagate easily in water. Learn how to prune pothos in this link. 

Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

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