Dimensions: 4" diameter pot

Potted inside plastic planter

Where and how to use: The Aloe Vera is very popular for medicinal and healing purposes, and is one of the most populars on Feng Shui, since it helps fight the bad luck and negative energy within your home, bringing optimism and good luck into your living space. In addition helps to clean the air from toxins, such as Benzene and Carbon Monoxide), and is also know for its antibacterial and antioxidants power. You can also extract the gel straight out of the leaf to treat damage hair and skin. You can hang the plant in the doorways or keep in your office or workplace.

Care Instructions: keep in bright indirect, indirect sunlight or artificial light with temperature between 55F and 80F, and average humidity. Water every 3 weeks or so, and do not let it sit in water. Fertilize once a month on spring and summer months.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis miller)

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