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Organic Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Services

“One size does not fit all”

Mowing: (100% Electric, 0% Emissions)

Our battery powered electric mulching mowers are considerably quieter and produce ZERO emissions while performing as efficiently as the gas equivalents. We mow the grass at longer lengths than most, (3 to 4 inches), because it has been shown to reduce weeds dramatically while maintaining greener, healthier grass that sinks more carbon too. And, regular mowing weekly rather than waiting long periods is healthier because a smaller percentage of the blade is cut each time, creating healthier roots. Longer grass suppresses weeds better too. For every quarter inch below 4 inches of grass length cut, the chance of weed encroachment goes up a couple percent.


TrimmingBattery-powered string trimmers are clean and efficient.

Light EdgingSome electric trimmers swivel to become light duty edger to give lawns a great finished look. Sweep up Electric battery-powered blowers are often as powerful as gas blowers, but clean and much more quiet!


Pre-emergent Weed Control: Corn gluten is effective but must be managed with proper timing. It suppresses new weed growth in Spring and Fall by desiccation, shunting new seed germination, as well as a protein type reaction that suppresses broad leaf weeds especially. When done in Spring, Fall and Spring again, it is reputed to be 90% effective for weed control. A corn gluten meal is available which suppresses weeds and delivers nitrogen and potassium as a “10-0-2” fertilizer.

Lawn Add-On Services

Soil Testing, Sampling & Enhancement: (Done prior to first mowing and recommended every two years)

We start off with a laboratory soil test to analyze and determine the specific needs of your lawn. We will customize and cater to a lawn care program so that it can be healthy & flourish for years to come. We take soil samples from different areas of your lawn and get them analyzed by Cornell laboratory with recommended PH control and fertilizer reports. The average report calls for some added N-P-K fertilizer and some lime for PH adjustment and soil biology restoration. Other metrics analyzed in the samples include the level of organic matter, soil type, and the magnesium and calcium levels. We offer organic soil enhancement products that bring dead soil back to life and adjust the soil to meet ideal grass growing conditions.

Fertilizing: Corn gluten is not only a weed suppressor, but a nitrogen fertilizer (N). When combined for weed control and including some grass and leaf mulch mowing, leaving clippings on the lawn, you may not need much fertilizing. Additional fertilizer is often recommended to help boost overseeding success. Some fertilizing is often suggested by our soil sample reports. We use only organic fertilizers, either sprayable or spreadable, with battery powered sprayers, hand pump units and walk behind spreaders.

Safe For You, Your Family & The Environment

We use exclusively organic products and procedures in order to keep your lawn, your family and the environment healthy and happy. No pesticides or chemicals to make sure that you can enjoy your backyard without any worry!

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