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It's time for you to raise your expectations when it comes to gardening and landscaping design.  Your garden is eager to become a Nature Wonderland and provide for you, for your family and for the environment. 


More Than Gardens invites you to come along to the rescue of the ordinary garden. Together we will create landscapes with a "WOW" factor that will create positive impacts that go beyond beauty.


We believe that the better world we all want to live on starts with a garden. By promoting regenerative and organic practices and combining Arts and Science we are taking action to create better landscapes and a healthier future.


Let's together unravel a new thread of potential not only to embellish your yard but also to sow some Green in our everyday life.  



Landscape Design

Our landscape design is not only beautiful but it is also regenerative, for it renews and revitalizes the area where it is installed. It builds soil health as it matures, strengthening the entire system.

Specialty Gardens

You can grow organic food, medicine, cut flowers or invite wildlife to your garden no matter how big or small is your space. We create specialty gardens that are so beautiful that can be on Pinterest. 

Organic Lawn Care

We use exclusively organic products and procedures in order to keep your lawn, your family and the environment healthy and happy.

Organic Gardening Support

Gardening is a science but you don't have to figure it out alone, we are here to help you along the way. Shoot us any question and we will be more than happy to answer it for you.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Gardens

Bring some nature inside! Our interior designers will make your home or office look alive with a small or big project that will cause grand impact to your space. 

Grow your Community

Gardens bring people together and so does food. Join our growing community of gardeners who are engaging in important causes and learning to lean on each other to make our gardens and our community grow! 

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